Press Release August 28, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Yellow Taxi Drivers Can Now Lease on Commission: The TLC’s Fair Share Pilot Announces First Participant Yellow taxi drivers that lease cabs participating in the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission’s (TLC) Fair Share Pilot can now work on commission, rather than beginning a shift by paying a full lease payment. New York City Taxi Group is the first garage to join TLC’s pilot and offer this popular leasing arrangement, and is doing so using the latest technology. The app Lacus Driver lets drivers lease on commission, check their earnings, find an available taxi, and get on the road in a tap. “Yellow taxi drivers now have more options, they don’t have to start their day ‘in the hole.’ Drivers will pay for the lease as they earn instead of regardless of whether or not they earn,” said TLC Commissioner and Chair Meera Joshi. “And we are very excited that an innovative garage is providing this opportunity for yellow taxi drivers.” New York City Taxi Group, a Brooklyn-based fleet that manages over 260 medallions, has begun to offer fair share commission leases to drivers. The maximum commission charged is 35%. Through the app, drivers receive the following benefits: • Keyless entry allows drivers to locate and lease a car by phone without having to travel to a garage. When drivers finish their shift, they can simply park the car where they are, or near their home. • Drivers choose the hours they want to work. • Drivers can monitor their earnings and have them deposited directly onto their personal accounts. Through the Fair Share Pilot, driver Aziz Nizomov leases a taxicab on commission and no longer needs to worry about paying a lease at the beginning of his shift. 

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Meera Joshi Commissioner/Chair Allan J. Fromberg Deputy Commissioner Rebecca Harshbarger Public Affairs 212-676-1013 33 Beaver Street 22nd Floor New York, NY 10004 “Our mission is to change the way taxi drivers and fleet operators work, by technologically systemizing their daily activities and giving more freedom to drivers,” said New York City Taxi Group owner Aleksey Medvedovskiy. “We believe the flexible pricing pilot (35%) can play a significant role in providing an option of choosing their own work schedule and controlling their earnings.” Aziz Nizomov, 26, is a taxi driver and a student at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn. Before joining the Fair Share Pilot, he had a commute of more than one hour each way to the garage, and would then wait about two hours on average for an available taxicab. He now parks a taxicab near his home at the end of the shift, saving him time and stress. With his participation in the pilot, Mr. Nizomov no longer needs to worry about paying up front for his lease. “I can work for as little as two to three hours and still make money,” he said, “and it allows me to balance both driving professionally and my academic schedule.” Prior to the pilot, he said, he would drive five to six hours before covering the lease cost. “This is fair for me, the garage, and everyone. I love it,” said Mr. Nizomov. “It’s very flexible. It really fits my schedule. I am saving more, and it is very affordable. There is no more stress.” Imran Ali, 35, a full-time taxi driver from Brooklyn, is also leasing a taxicab on commission. “I can work four, five, six hours. If there’s an emergency, I can go home. It is much more flexible and more convenient,” said Mr. Ali. “I am really enjoying it.” To learn more about the Taxicab Leasing Pilot, medallion owners and agents can visit this section of the TLC website: